Ayurvedic Skincare Buys for Your Winter Glow-Up

By Srishti Patnaik 
As you gear up for colder months with a stock of herbal teas, don’t forget about your skin. With winter making its entry, your face will need to include some extra TLC. And by that, we mean a no-nasties skincare routine that’ll do everything from taking your hydration game up a notch to strengthening your skin barrier.


Ayurvedic formulations work wonders because they treat the root cause of your skin troubles. With multi-tasking blends of natural ingredients, they not only improve your overall skin health, but are also a treat for your senses. We’re talking plush, velvety textures and an exotic bouquet of warm, rich aromas. Let’s indulge.


Choose a kind cleanser  

A foaming cleanser can increase winter dryness. Pick gentle formulations instead, with nourishing ingredients like milk and saffron that clear clogged pores while hydrating your skin and giving it a glow.


Pro tip: If you have acne-prone skin, check the label for anti-inflammatory heroes, like turmeric and neem.

Go on a moisture retreat  

With the temperature and humidity levels plummeting, your skin is prone to dehydration and flakiness in winter. Switch up your routine with a creamy moisturiser that feels like a warm hug on a cold winter morning. Natural antioxidants such as honey treat dullness, while ceramide-rich creams are emollients that lock in moisture. If you’re concerned about fine lines, make ayurvedic gems like gotu kola and patchouli your BFFs to boost collagen production and improve skin texture.


Pro tip: Apply your moisturiser right after cleansing. Damp skin absorbs moisture better and keeps your skin hydrated for longer.

Soothe with a facial oil  

Team dry skin, here’s your moment. Go the extra mile and include facial oil in your night routine. Make it the last step of your skincare regime or mix a few drops with your moisturiser and massage it in.


Pick a formula based on your skin type or go for the classic kumkumadi oil. Known as the ‘miracle elixir’, it is made of ayurvedic herbs and oils such as chandana and manjishtha that 
target hyperpigmentation to give you the golden hourglow.


Pro tip: Try gua sha with your facial oil ritual for deeper hydration, effective lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.

Pamper your pout  

Kiss chapped lips goodbye with deeply nourishing lip balms. Nourishing natural ingredients like kokum or shea butter coupled with anti-inflammatory stars, like calendula make the perfect recipe to slough away dead skin cells, quell inflammation and give you softer lips.  
Pro tip: Switch to a lip oil for your night routine. While it forms a protective film to reduce moisture loss, it’s also absorbed by the deeper layers of your skin to repair and nourish overnight.