Is Your Foundation Looking Ashy?


Is Your Foundation Looking Ashy?

By Anupriya Jamuar  


Ever wondered why your foundation turns colour making you look like an Oompa Loompa? Well, it’s happened to the best of us. Sometimes you put on foundation only to find it has turned orange or ashy a few hours later. 

So, we decided to ask Arti Nayar, one of India’s most popular celebrity makeup artists, about the inner workings of foundations, why they change colour and what mistakes to avoid 


Why does your foundation change colour? 

The main reason your foundation is changing colour is because it is oxidising. While matching your foundation to your skin tone, you also need to keep your undertone in mind. Is it a warm, neutral or cool? 


Look at the underside of your wrists, if your veins appear greenish then you have a warm undertone. Similarly, your veins will appear more blueish if you have a cool undertone and if you spot both then you’ve a neutral undertone. 


This is something people generally overlook, which leads to orange or ashy-looking foundation. “If you have a pink undertone and you’re picking a yellow undertone foundation, then it is definitely going to oxidise and change colour, explains Arti Nayar. 


How do you avoid orange or ashy-looking foundation? 

Choosing the correct undertone will help you avoid this issue. Also, keep your skin type in mind when you’re shopping for the right foundation. If you have oily skin, look for a liquid or powder foundation with a matte finish. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, then a cream foundation with a dewy finish will work better for your skin. 


According to Arti, the right technique to find the perfect foundation for your skin is to try it on the lower end of your cheek or on your jawline instead of your hand”. This is because the skin tone on your hand is much lighter than your face. 


What are some pro tips for a flawless base? 

Always know what kind of formula you’re working with. Is it high-coverage, sheer or medium? Also, instead of using just your fingers to blend, use a brush or a beauty blender for a luminous base, advises Arti. "When you use your fingers, you’re essentially just rubbing the foundation into your skin. Always dab it into your skin for a natural-looking base."


Another tip would be to try a sample first and notice how it lasts throughout the day, especially in sunlight. Usually, you try a shade on your hand and buy it immediately, but some formulas react to sunlight and heat. With a sample test, you can find out if  the foundation lasts through the day before purchasing it.