Airline Lost Your Baggage In Transit? Keep These 5 SOS Makeup Essentials In Your Carry-on


Airline Lost Your Baggage In Transit? Keep These 5 SOS Makeup Essentials In Your Carry-on

By Anupriya Jamuar 


While losing all your luggage in an airline transit mishap sounds nothing short of a horror story, it is also a crisis when you’re going to attend a wedding. So, while you panic, and try to figure out some last-minute outfits, we thought we’ll cover you on the makeup front. Obviously, the last thing you would want to do after losing your luggage is to scramble to buy cosmetics. So, we have shortlisted 5 SOS makeup essentials that you should just keep in your carry-on, in case your baggage goes MIA.


Something to brighten up your face


While it might be tough to carry a foundation and a concealer and then your blending sponges and brushes, we suggest you save that space and just keep a skin tint in your bag. They’re easier to blend with your fingers (the best tool in business”, said by a famous celebrity makeup artist)


Skin tints are also great as they make your skin look dewy and trust us, if there’s anything that will cover those tension dark circles under your eyes, it’s a skin tint.


A multi-tasking lip & cheek tint


A great product for your SOS kit, lip & cheek tints do a wonderful job of adding flush and happiness back into your face. You can use it on your cheeks as blush, on your eyelids to add a nice pink eye colour and on your lips

For easier application use Asa Beauty’s Lip & Cheek Tint that comes in a bullet packaging making it easier for you to directly apply it on your face.


Mascara is a must, of course

This one is obvious but adding some drama to your lashes does have its pay-off. It immediately elevates your eyes, making you look more put together and ready.

Pro tip: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to elevate them more.

A mini eyeshadow never hurt anyone

Since you’re going to a wedding, we suggest keeping a mini shimmer eyeshadow palette in your carry-on to save your party looks. A layer of pretty pink shimmer will instantly give you that festive and party boost that you need after the long day.

Sssshhhh...gloss is the secret


The MVP of recent makeup both on & off runaways is a pretty glossy lips moment. Conveniently you can pair it with both Indian and Western attires making it a versatile addition to your SOS kit.

To make your lips look more party appropriate, we suggest you go for a gloss with a pretty shimmer perhaps.

Here’s to hoping you don’t lose your baggage in transit but we’re going to be prepared! 


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