Acetone-free Nail Polish Removers That Care


Acetone-free Nail Polish Removers That Care

By Shammi Mondal


We know how much you love your nail paints, glitter sometimes, sometimes gel and lots of colour! While we know how happy a new manicure makes you feel, removing the existing one becomes a task. Of course, there’s acetone that you always resort to but we’re sure the pungent smell isn’t the best experience.


Though acetone removes every bit of nail colour in one swipe, you must have noticed the trail of rough white patches it leaves on your nail when removing your nail lacquer. Not to forget how intensely dry your nails feel post the session. What if we told you there is a better alternative to it, Acetone free nail paint removers not only remove the traces of your old nail polish but also have nourishing ingredients that keep dryness and brittle nails at bay.


Here are 6 acetone-free nail paint removers that clean your nails and save you the headache from the pungent smell.


1. Faces Canada Nail Enamel Remover


This is an easy to use, straight forward and acetone free nail polish remover. Enriched with Vitamin E the nail Polish remover does not dry out your nails, but effectively wipes out even the most staining nail lacquers.


2. Studiowest Nail Polish Remover NC 

If you love your glitter nail paints but removing them becomes a tough task, this nail polish remover will be a game changer. Infused with lactic acid this remover wipes off the toughest nail paints. It’s acetone, sulphate and alcohol free, making it safe for sensitive and brittle nails.


3. Inatur Nail Paint Remover Wipes

Remember how before actually removing your nail paint, the first fifteen mins you’re on a hunt for cotton balls, Inatur’s Nail Paint Remover wipes will save you the hassle. These wipes are pre-soaked with oil-based formulas that will wipe out any chipped nail polish without the pulling and vigorous rubbing. Rich in almond oil, vitamin e the wipes nourish your nails and make them strong.


4. Jaquline USA Time Out Nail Polish Remover


This nail polish remover not only removes your nail paint, but also cares for your nails. It is a sulphate and paraben free formula, that does not dry out your nails rather moisturises it, thanks to the jojoba oil in it.


5. Flicka Neat & Clean Remover


Looking for an all-natural, non-toxic and acetone free nail paint remover that also cares for your cuticles and contains gentle solvents that effectively remove every bit of your existing nail polish This one is a great choice for those who have.


6. Lafz Nail Polish Remover Enriched with Castor Oil 

What if we tell you that inserting your finger in a container will help you get rid of your existing nail polish? We’re really not joking, Laf’z Nail polish remover is actually one hassle free and unique concept that does not need you to have subordinate accessories to help you remove your nail paint. Just dip your finger in the bottle, hold for a few secs, twist it a little and remove to see clean and moisturised nails. It also is halal, vegan and acetone free; we love it!