Revealed: The Easy Shortcut To Acing Glass Hair


Revealed: The Easy Shortcut To Acing Glass Hair

By Khanak Mehta  


We all know about the viral K-beauty ‘glass skin’ trend that took over our feeds and introduced us to the power of sheet masks and hyaluronic acid. Butglass hair takes this to a whole new level – this trend is all about rocking shiny, glossy hair from root to tip.  

While achieving glass hair can seem like a pretty big task – after all, you need to take a close look at everything from your diet to which hair mask you use – there is one product that can help you get leaps and bounds closer to acing this trend: Hair serum! 


What’s the deal with hair serums? 

The beauty of hair serums is that they do so much more than just deliver hydration to your hair. The right formula can fight frizz, tame baby hair, and give your hair that enviable shine that beauty dreams are made of. 


Check your ingredient lists 

Not all hair serums are created equal – look out for nourishing oils like jojoba or argan oil on your ingredient lists. We also suggest picking slightly thicker, oil-based formulas over more lightweight ones for that mega-watt shine. 


The key is in the application 

Contrary to popular belief, hair serum should actually be applied to damp hair to lock in the moisture. Remember to warm up the product in your hands and apply it evenly all over. Be sure to style your hair after you apply serum, not before.