Conceal Your Blemishes Like A Makeup Artist


Conceal Your Blemishes Like A Makeup Artist

By Anupriya Jamuar


You know that age-old story. You have a special day coming up, you’re excited and prepared with your handpicked outfit, freshly washed hair and a good eight hours of restful sleep. But when the day finally arrives, you’re greeted with an annoying pimple on your face!


It’s happened to the best of us. Breakouts are a pain in your face, literally. And they have a way of popping up right before something important. Now since there is no magical wand to make that pimple disappear, how about a makeup wand to conceal it, instead?


Here’s how you can make that pimple vanish like a pro makeup artist in just a few steps:


Prep your skin 

Breakouts can be of different kinds, but the first step of hiding any blemish is good skincare. So, moisturise and prime your skin well before starting. This will help conceal your acne better and make it last through the day.


After you’re done moisturising, always apply a good primer. This acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup and allows smooth makeup application.


Colour correct and conceal 

Sometimes it’s not easy to hide that angry-looking red bump sitting on your face. But that’s what colour correctors are for! Use one to neutralise your blemish and then conceal it with a matte-finish cream concealer.


Choose an oil-free cream formula, otherwise, the concealer will catch too much light and attract attention to your blemish or slip off your skin through the day.

Get full coverage 

Whether you want to apply a full-coverage foundation to completely cover that blemish or go light is your choice. Either way, we advise you to use an oil-free, non-comedogenic formulation that matches your skin tone and undertones for a seamless look.


Cover like a pro 

Use a concealer stippling brush for precision while concealing. Begin by using minimal product and remember to blot in-between layers to avoid a cakey look. Once you’ve concealed the blemish, use a sponge to apply your foundation for a natural look, or a foundation brush for a more airbrushed look.


Lastly, don’t forget to apply some translucent setting powder, using a sponge, to keep your makeup in place for the day.  And there you go! Your blemish can no longer ruin your day. Keep a compact in your purse in case you need to touch-up through the day.