A Valuable Gifting Guide On Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples

By Khanak Mehta 


It’s wedding season, and we all know what that meanslove is in the air. Whether you're the bride or groom-to-be looking to pamper yourself, or a bridesmaid on the hunt for the perfect gift, we've got your back with our list of wedding gifts for couples. 

Picture this: The big day is approaching, and what could be better than a gift that not only celebrates the love between two people but also elevates their beauty game? From indulgent fragrances to grooming kits, we're exploring a treasure trove of gifts that will make any couple feel like they're on cloud nine.  


What makes a great wedding gift

Choosing the perfect wedding gift is a bit like finding the right lipstick shade: It should complement the couple's style and make them feel fabulous. So, what makes a good wedding gift, especially when we're diving into the realm of beauty?


Firstly, personalisation is key to wedding gift ideas. Think about the couples preferences: Is the bride a total skincare addict? Consider a luxurious skincare set that will help her extend her bridal glow. For the groom who loves a close shave, a grooming kit will make him feel like a star every day.


Secondly, longevity matters. The best wedding gifts should stand the test of time, just like their love. Look out for classic brands and products that they can enjoy together.


Lastly, a unique wedding gift should always have an element of surprise and love. A beautifully wrapped body care set, for example, can make for a great gift for the newly married couple—they will always remember you for it.



Wedding gifts for couples: Fragrances 

Fragrances as a wedding gift is a very memorable choice. A well-chosen fragrance is a beautiful way to celebrate a couple's union.


For the bride, consider gifting her a signature scent that she can wear on her special day and beyond, too. Every time she catches a whiff of that fragrance, it will transport her back to those cherished moments.


For the groom, a sophisticated cologne can be his secret weapon, boosting his confidence as he takes on this new phase of life.


Here's the fun part – fragrances can also be a couple's affair. You can opt for paired fragrances, with notes that can complement each other. It's a subtle way of saying, "you two are meant to be.” This wedding gift idea is also quite different, because you’re giving someone the gift of creating beautiful memories together through the power of scent.

Wedding gifts for couples: Men’s grooming 

If you're the groom’s sister or best friend let's not forget about men's grooming must-haves–these can make for some of the best wedding gift ideas.


Consider a premium grooming kit with all the tools for a perfect shave, because nothing says "I'm ready for this" like a smooth, clean finish. Throw in some indulgent skincare, and he'll be feeling like his best self in no time.


Oh, and don’t forget the luxury of scented grooming products, like an aromatic hair gel or beard oil that adds a touch of refinement to his personal style.


So, when you're hunting for that ideal wedding gift, think of men's grooming kits as the traditional approach that’s a sure shot winner. They're the secret to helping the groom look his best and feel confident every day, and you’ll be high up on his list of thank you cards for giving him the best marriage gift, too.

Wedding gifts for couples: Skincare 

While the Haldi ceremony is key to getting a bridal glow, using the right skincare goes a long way. After all, when it comes to wedding presents, skincare goodies are like the fairy godmother of beauty, making sure the newlyweds' complexions are as radiant as their love for each other.


For the bride, a luxurious skincare set with glow-boosting actives can work pure magic on her complexion. Think hydrating serums, rejuvenating sheet masks, and power-packed moisturisers to take her skincare game to the next level. And remember, grooms deserve to feel pampered too. A skincare routine tailored to his skin type can make him look and feel his best.


Skincare gifts aren't just about the products or formulas themselves; they're about the promise of self-care and health for years to come. It's the gift of confidence to look fabulous even after all the wedding festivities.

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Wedding gifts for couples: Hair care 

Fragrances and home decor are often the most traditional route when it comes to wedding gifts for couples. But hair care can be just as thoughtful. This might not be the top option on your list of wedding gift ideas for couples, but we’re arguing in favour of it. You can also consider giving this to them before the festivities begin.


Before the big day, the bride and groom invest in pampering treatments for their skin, hair, nails, and body. The most obvious choice would be to give them a gift card – but in reality, what makes for an even better wedding gift idea, is giving them tried and trusted hair care that ensures they have good hair days way beyond the wedding. 

Here are some of our top picks to grab now.

Wedding gifts for couples: Makeup 

Whether the bride is a minimalist or a makeup addict, the gift of makeup is a failsafe wedding gift idea. It could be the basics that the bride can keep handy for touch-ups, or a palette that inspires her to experiment with new looks. No matter your thought, makeup can make for an excellent wedding gift.


You do need to do a little homework first and observe the bride’s style, the shades she usually wears and even peek at the brands and shade names in her kit. This will help you make the right choices when picking out her wedding gift.

Wedding gifts for couples: More ideas 

When it comes to being a memorable wedding guest, your gift plays as big a role as your attendance – at least that’s what we think. So, while you have this extensive list of the best wedding gifts for couples, you can take it a step further with some unexpected twists on the usual picks. Wondering how? 

  1. Personalised beauty products: Go the extra mile by personalising your wedding gift ideas with the couple's names or wedding date. Consider custom-engraved makeup brushes, fragrance bottles, or even bath and body care sets with a special label. It's a thoughtful gesture that adds an unforgettable touch to their big day.

  2. Make it couple-friendly: The best gifts don’t just surprise and delight the receiver, but also create an experience. And what’s better than one you can share with your significant other, right? So, when you’re thinking of the best wedding gifts, think of the ones the couple can use together. Maybe a hair spa kit that they can use while catching up on their favourite web series together, or a skincare kit that can be a fun addition to their date night get-ready-together ritual.


Time to get shopping!
After all, this list has all you need to prepare yourself for the wedding season. From spa-worthy skincare to classic fragrances, these gifts are like mini love notes for the happy couple put together in a kit or a beautiful bottle. So, go ahead, pamper, and celebrate the newlyweds with the best marriage gifts on this list.


Wedding gifts 101 

Q. Should I always get a wedding gift for the happy couple? 
While there is no mandatory unsaid clause in the wedding guest etiquette book that says you must, it’s always appreciated and usually expected, so keep that in mind.


Q. When should you give a wedding gift to the couple? 
It’s best practice to gift the couple once you receive your invitation, any time before the wedding. Alternatively, you can also give them a gift at any time up to three months post the ceremony.


Q. Why are wedding gifts important in India? 
Gift giving, both between the couple and from the wedding guests to the couple, is an important tradition in India as it symbolises mutual love and appreciation.