Your Guide to Nailing the Wolf Cut Hair Trend


Your Guide to Nailing the Wolf Cut Hair Trend

By Shammi Mondal 


We’re sure you’ve stumbled upon pictures of your favourite style icons wearing the season’s trending wolf cut hair style. If you’re wondering about the reason behind the name, it’s because of its resemblance with the mane of a wolf. While it may sound off, the hair cut is universally flattering and works well on all hair textures.  


The anatomy of a wolf hair cut is a mix between a mullet and a shag. It has shorter, choppy layers around the crown and longer layers around the sides and back—an edgy blend of vintage and pop.  


The hair cut transforms all types of hair and gives your hair volume through lots of layers. Picture short voluminous layers at the top of your head and feathered texture on the sides with easy flowing bangs. 


What’s the tea on the wolf hair cut 


We often find fashion repeating itself and the wolf cut hairstyle is taking the 70s shag and 80s mullet and binding them together to create a modern-day hairdo.  


This messy, rocker vibe has been spotted on pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish, cementing its status as an official trend.  


The gender-neutral hair cut has endless modifications and is a clear hit when it comes to styling. If you’re still not sure this cut is meant for you, the good news is it’s unbiased towards any hair type. The wolf cut hairstyle is a chameleon and dwells well on all hair textures 



Here’s a closer look at the many versions of the wolf cut

1. Wolf cut with a deep mullet
This is perfect if you’re looking to wear a contemporary version of the mullet. Trust your hairstylist to dive deeper and give you shorter choppy layers all across the crown and leave the hair longer towards the bottom, cut bangs to complete the look. If you have a big forehead, this look is tailored just for you.

2. Wolf cut with light layers
This is the classic wolf cut hairstyle. The hair cut is all about the layers and volume, so it’s fuller at the top and tapers down to the bottom. Opt for wispy curtain bangs and let the light layers on the sides give your hair the structure and the shape.


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3. Soft wolf hairstyle

If you’re not a fan of a dramatic change, opt for fewer layers around your crown and let them gradually tapper down, to give yourself a softer, wearable look.


4. Wolf hair cut for curls

Wondering whether your curly hair would fit the bracket of this haircut? Yes, curls and waves work best for this style as the cut enhances texture and gives your hair more movement. You can either choose longer layers or take the shaggier route and cut layers of shorter length around the side and buy more time between salon visits.


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Loving the hair trend? Here' s some more wolf hair inspo  


XXL Wolf Cut 

If you love your long hair and just wish to add some volume without compromising on length, this version of the wolf cut will do exactly that. Add a set of curtain bangs and taper it down with long layers to give your hair a fuller look on top. 


Wolf cut but make it extreme  

Want to try the edgiest version of the wolf hair cut? Ask your hairstylist to give you ultra-shaggy layers around the crown section and heavily taper it down towards the bottom. Make sure you leave some volume at the bottom to avoid your hair from looking stringy. 


Wolf cut but make it short 

If you want to go beyond the classic bob and wish to experiment with a different look, go for the super short wolf cut hair style till your chin, with face framing layers around the sides. The low maintenance cut will ensure your hair look stands out. 


We bet you’re already having thoughts of trying the wolf cut hairstyle, while that is the first step, the second would be to choose the wolf hair version for your hair length and type.  Take a few reference pictures of the exact wolf hair cut to your hairstylist.


Before you get the wolf cut hairstyle 


How to style the wolf hair cut? 

The wolf hair style cuts down on a lot of your arm workout, since the hair cut itself gives your hair texture and volume. All you need to apply is a leave-in conditioner and scrunch your hair from the bottom to create waves. But if you have naturally straight hair, you will need a texturiser and a blow dryer to get a lived-in effect.  


Is the wolf hair cut good for straight hair? 

Yes, straight hair works very well with the wolf cut hairstyle as the layers enhance your volume. If your hair is fine, a few shaggy layers will add body and make the ends look voluminous. 


Does wolf hair cut suit everyone? 

The wolf cut adds the illusion of more volume and looks flattering on almost every face shape and hair texture. It also can be personalised for every hair type and length, making it a solid choice for your next haircut. For wavy and curly hair, it cuts down on styling and adds volume to straight hair.