Do These Three Things Before Your Next Waxing Appointment


Do These Three Things Before Your Next Waxing Appointment

By Khanak Mehta 


If you’re somebody who chooses to remove their body hair, we bet that you would be a fan of waxing. It’s relatively low maintenance as compared to shaving and hair removal creams and comes with a bunch of bonuses – like it being a mini exfoliating treatment on its own.


But did you know that waxing, much like other skin treatments, requires some amount of planning and preparation? Here are three tips that might come as a surprise to you, but we promise – the upgraded results from your next appointment will be well worth it.  


Always exfoliate 

You know the golden rule about applying skincare on a squeaky-clean face? The same applies to waxing, too. It’s best to lightly exfoliate your skin a day or two before your appointment. This helps get rid of dead skin cells, which helps the wax grab onto your hair better – as compared to sticking to your skin. Make sure that you don’t exfoliate on the day of your appointment though, because that in turn will make your skin extra-sensitive. 


Moisturisation is key 

To avoid dry patches on your skin after waxing, regularly moisturising from head to toe is important. In the days leading up to your salon visit, make sure that you moisturise your body right when you step out of the shower – ideally a warm one. This will help the lotion or body oil absorb better into your skin. Keep in mind that you should avoid moisturising on the day of your appointment though, as it can interfere with the wax gripping onto the hair. 


Go on a break 

We know you love your retinol-based formulas – after all, they do wonders when it comes to turning back the clock for your skin. Retinol body treatments and lotions may be all the hype right now, but it’s best to avoid them for at least a week leading up to the waxing. This active can sensitise your skin and lead to irritation after your session. Stick to your good ol’ hydrating lotions and creams instead.