Here's How You Can Gift The Perfect Fragrance


Here's How You Can Gift The Perfect Fragrance

By Khanak Mehta  


We know that giving a gift to someone can often get pretty confusing – there are so many options out there, and you want to pick one that fits the recipient perfectly. Thankfully, fragrances make for easy presents, but getting them right is truly an art.  

We’re going to help you crack that code with the help of master perfumer and Creative Director of All Good Scents, Rajiv Sheth.   


The gift of a scent  

“In ancient times, natural aromatic substances were worth their weight in gold and therefore became precious gifts. A graceful vessel with a tartly smelling resin handed over to a noble person showed respect and admiration, says Rajiv Sheth. “Hence, fragrances are a natural festive gifting option since antiquity. You can describe an individual so well with words or colours, but a perfume is a fresh opportunity to describe someone with a smell.”  


Hit the right notes  

With fragrances being a rather personal choice, it becomes important for you to note the etiquette that comes with gifting them. According to Sheth, a good question to ask yourself before gifting a bottle of fragrance to someone is: Does this perfume truly reflect how well I know them?  

“You should try and understand their individuality and learn what they like,” says Sheth. “Also, don’t pick perfumes for women only, men love to get pampered,” he adds.  


Make the cut  

Virtual scent shopping can pose a few challenges, the biggest one being that you won’t be able to smell your gift before buying it. But there are quite a few easy ways in which you can ensure that you choose the perfect scent.   


To begin, consider using filters to narrow down your search. This can include price, size, and type. If you end up choosing a brand or fragrance that you are already familiar with, then your search becomes easier. If not, it’s time to do a quick online search. Sheth suggests spending some time understanding the composition of the fragrances you are considering. “Even reading about the facets and ingredients making up the top, middle, and base notes of the fragrance will help you understand it better. If you can, order samples before buying full-sized perfumes,” he says.  


But what if you’re looking to move beyond the classics and experiment a little? We know that sometimes, you may come across a new brand that catches your interest, but you may not be so sure about gifting it. Sheth suggests, "Do some research online to find out more about the brand, their other products, reviews, testimonials, and their story. A lot of new, homegrown brands can surprise you”.