Five Viral Korean Sunscreens That Are Worth The Hype


Five Viral Korean Sunscreens That Are Worth The Hype

Beauty lovers around the world are united by an obsession with Korean skincare.  
A September '23 report by Mint Lounge titled Why Indians Like K-beauty Products’ estimated the global K-beauty market would hit a staggering $18.32 billion by 2030; it was already at $8.30 billion in 2021. The extensive ten-step routine popular in Korea always includes sunblock. Like many K-beauty products, their formulas offer protection with some skin-loving ingredients on the side. Here, we've shortlisted the top five sunscreens that are viral for good reasons.

Infused with ginseng extract and niacinamide, this sunscreen doubles up as skincare. The lightweight gel texture is ideal for summer and is perfect for combination skin. It passes the no white cast test for all skin tones and gives a glass-like glow that lasts almost all day with a single application.

Anything with chia seeds is already a winner. The ingredient has an instant hydrating effect and helps control excess sebum. It’s a holy grail for oily and sensitive skin because of its lightweight consistency and moisturising properties. Add to cart if you’re exposed to a humid climate.

Summertime is synonymous with swimming. And if you’re worried about your sun block washing off, think about this water-resistant sunscreen. The long-lasting formula is powerful enough for water sports and gives a true matte finish.

Do you re-apply sunscreen regularly?  
Give your excuses a rest. This spill-proof, stick sunscreen is easy for reapplication anytime, anywhere. The non-greasy composition is a blend of calming ingredients like cica and calamine. It’s famous for not leaving any white cast which makes it the perfect choice both under and over makeup.

This sunscreen blurs enlarged pores like a primer. Its silky texture gives a natural even toned finish that lasts in hot weather as well. It’s an all-rounder for oily, acne-prone skin. The active ingredients in the sun block also help calm an irritated skin barrier, making it a perfect choice for sensitive skin types.
Words by Aishwarya Dayal