All You Need To Build Your Skincare Routine Under ₹1000


All You Need To Build Your Skincare Routine Under ₹1000

By Khanak Mehta  


Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with skincare, just like us. From sheet masks to power-packed ampoules, your routine can go up to five, ten, or even fifteen steps – just look back at the K-beauty routine trend!  

But we can’t deny that sometimes, less is truly more. So, whether you’ve recently converted to skinimalism, want to re-look at your existing routine, or are a beauty beginner, we’ve got some skincare finds you’ll love. In fact, you can give your whole routine an overhaul under just ₹1000 yes, you read that right.  

Scroll down and start shopping! 


Cleansers under ₹300

Cleanse your face twice daily – morning and evening – to make sure that you wash away dirt, pollutants, makeup, or any other icky stuff. This also gives a clean canvas for your skincare to sink in properly.

Serums under ₹400

Follow it up with a serum. Pick one with an active that targets your needs, like vitamin C for brightening, hyaluronic acid for hydration, retinol for anti-ageing, and so on. You can even apply it on damp skin to create a moisture sandwich.

Moisturisers under ₹300

Seal it all in with a moisturiser that will give your skin a major dose of hydration. Pick a lightweight gel texture if you’ve got oily skin, and a richer cream if you have dry skin.