The Party Queens’ Blueprint For Glazed Skin

It’s not the time to be a good girl. When it comes to partying, we all channel our inner Samantha Jones or Maddy Perez from Euphoria and make staying up late an art form. Dial up the glamour–think Eric Effiong from Sex Education. We’re going dancing in our red soles with no limit on cotton candy-flavoured cosmopolitans. Oh, the freedom of being a party queen! 
But the uptake in alcohol and sugar can wreak havoc the next morning. Plus, missing out on those Zs means your skin won’t get the chance to repair itself– that's why they call it beauty sleep. Here, our recipes for some skincare cocktails to bounce back and achieve that glazed, glass skin.

While you’re deciding where to grab pre-drinks, it’s also a good idea to factor in pre-party prep to minimise the chance of a skin hangover the next morning.

Exfoliate To Glow Up 
Skin prep should kick in 2-3 days before a big night out. Exfoliate with an AHA/BHA-based formula that can slough off dead skin cells and simultaneously allow new ones to come to the surface to reveal your glow. This will also make sure other products penetrate deeper into the skin layers.


Hit Your Hydration Goals  
Hydrated skin will recover faster from a night out. Consider adding a cocktail of actives like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5. The former can hold up to 1000x its weight in water to keep skin hydrated while the latter works hard to repair stressed out skin. For a quick fix, hydrate with a sheet mask that also smoothens your skin for makeup application.

Schedule A Tool 
Feeling the bloat? Tools like gua sha or jade rollers can help drain excess fluid through the lymph nodes. Massaging ice over the face can also help reduce puffiness by contracting the blood vessels and shrinking your pores.

Party over? It’s time to undo those skin sins. 
Take The Night Off 
Never commit the cardinal sin of sleeping with your makeup on. The longer you sleep with it, the more it clogs your pores and leads to pesky breakouts. Take it off with oil-based cleanser that removes stubborn eye and lip makeup and follow it with a water-based cleanser to get rid of any lingering impurities. Still lazy? A micellar water that doesn’t require rinsing is your best bedside bet.

Because long night outs are harsh on the skin, it’s essential to maintain a strong skin barrier. Look for creams with ingredients like ceramides, glycerin and vitamin F that can lock in nutrients and moisture and protect skin from potential irritants. This leads to an environment that repairs damage quickly and brings back your glow.

By Trisha Chawla