After Shave That Smell Great And Care For Your Skin? We Got You


After Shave That Smell Great And Care For Your Skin? We Got You

After Shave That Smell Great And Care For Your Skin? We Got You

By Shammi Mondal


Considering that you’re here, it translates to the fact that shaving is an undeniable part of life. Sure the lumberjack beard and the subtle stubble are yours to keep but for those of you who shave, we know your struggles. 


We know that finding an aftershave that suits your skin, calms pesky bumps, feels comforting and smells great can be a challenge. So, we took on the task and found you 7 after shaves that aren’t just an aromatic treat but also help you skin feel better.


Old Spice Original After Shave Lotion Smell Like A Man 

Here is the mother of all after shave lotions, the Old Spice Original After Shave Lotion. This generational favourite is a champion in calming down your skin post shaving. The thin water like formula of this lotion also heals any tiny razor nicks and cuts and not to forget the woody aroma that hits you with a splash of nostalgia each time you use it.  


L'OCCITANE Cedrat After-Shave Cream Gel


If the typical aftershave makes your skin feel dry, but you also don’t want to have a greasy film of moisturiser on your face, this fast-absorbing gel-crème formula is the apt solution. Infused with glycerine and vegetable oils this after shave soothes and hydrates your skin instantly so that you don’t have to worry about razor burns. 


Truefitt & Hill Grafton Aftershave Balm 


Enriched with the moisturising and calming benefits of lanolin and aloe-vera extract, this after shave balm is a boon to sensitive skin. Filled with the scents of grafton and lime bouquets this balm efficiently acts as a moisturiser and an after shave.  


FOREST ESSENTIALS After Shave Spray Splash Aloe Vera & Mandarin  

If you’ve stopped using an after shave because applying one causes burning sensations on your skin, trust us this one won’t. With cooling ingredients like liquorice extracts and aloe vera, Forest Essentials does not disappoint with their After Shave Spray splash 


BEARDBURYS After Shave Balm 

Hyaluronic acid in an after shave? Yes! It’s time you bid adieu to your post shave dry skin. Packed with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, thyme extracts, and aloe vera Beardbury has made a solid after shave solution for your dry skin.

Bombay Shaving Company Fitkari After Shave Gel for Men 

Do you remember the crystal your father or grandfather rubbed on their skin post shaving? Enriched with the properties of fitakri or alum, aloe-vera and witch hazel, this after-shave gel is the upgraded version of the anti-septic crystal and a perfect way to calm down any redness, prevent infections and soothe your freshly shaved skin.


Oleum Cottage Soothing and Rash-free Aftershave Lotion



This soothing and rash-free after shave lotion is made of soothing ingredients like German chamomile, tea tree extracts and peppermint, which are infused in carrier oils for hydrating the skin, a perfect blend to keep your skin feeling loved and irritation free.