Three Trending Hairstyles Spotted at Coachella 2024


Three Trending Hairstyles Spotted at Coachella 2024

This year, festival hair at Coachella signal a shift from the maximalist style of the 2010s to a more minimal, understated approach. Case in point: Sleek dad bobs reigned supreme. Dutch braids are replaced by messy knots. And main character waves are the new flower crowns.  

Here, the best hair trends from the desert so far. Plus, easy tricks to ace them, straight from celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker.

Bob 2.0

The 90s-inspired chunky bob was debuted by Hailey Bieber off-stage and worn on-stage by pop and R&B singer-songwriter RAYE. It’s softer and more feminine as compared to a blunt bob and falls somewhere between the chin and collarbone. How to get the look? “Use a hair serum to keep your style in place and avoid flyaways. Apply on damp hair, and then blow dry for a sleek look,” says Rod.

Beachy Waves

Long, loose waves were favoured by 2000s icons like Paris Hilton and Megan Fox at the festival. Inspired by the viral mermaid-core trend, this style is easy to achieve, but can be tough to maintain all day. According to Rod, a volumising or texturising hair powder is the key to retaining the shape of your waves. Keep this product handy, especially if you have naturally poker-straight hair.

Nineties Knots

Both Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani served 90s nostalgia during their performances with easy-to-do and low-maintenance knots. Rod’s golden advice to make them last through drinks and dancing? “Style with gel when wet. Then lock the look with a strong-hold hair spray.”