Indulge in 24K Magic With Forest Essentials’ Soundarya


Indulge in 24K Magic With Forest Essentials’ Soundarya

By Khanak Mehta  

For centuries, the word ‘glow’ has become closely intertwined with the festive and bridal season, even beyond the actual festivities. Every beauty ritual that has been passed down through the generations is centred around this idea of radiance and light – whether it is the pre-wedding haldi ceremony or a multani mitti face pack before the festive celebrations begin.


It is no surprise then, that Forest Essentials’ Soundarya range has been crafted upon these rituals to help elevate your skincare routine.


The roots 

Inspired by the legendary beauty of goddess Lakshmi who, according to popular mythology, is believed to have had a golden complexion, the key formula for Soundarya is infused with 24 karat gold. All of this is blended in pure cow’s milk to add that feeling of purity and clarity to your skincare ritual. This luxurious range is meant to reverse the clock and rejuvenate your skin, while imparting a lit-from-within glow.


With a beauty philosophy that is rooted in ayurveda, this range is meant to help restore your ‘ojas’, which is essentially our vigour—it influences every part of us, from our immunity and mood to the health of our skin. 


The formula 

At the heart of this ritual lies the iconic Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream. With its potent infusion of herbs, floral waters, and cold-pressed oils, this transformative moisturiser is all you need to revitalise your skin.


This creation is truly an indulgence for your daily ritual – made with the time-honoured process of ‘shata dhauta ghrita’, this moisturiser has been created with fresh cow’s ghee that has been whipped by a copper bowl almost a hundred times, enriching it with the metal’s therapeutic properties.



Moreover, what makes it unique is the rare and precious gold Bhasma infusion that is prepared using an ayurvedic recipe known as the ‘key of youth’, wherein precious metals are converted into a finely milled powder that is easily absorbed by the skin. This is how the formula targets the underlying skin tissue and strengthens it, giving you a natural facelift.

The ritual 

Use it along with the Advanced Soundarya Facial Serum. Best applied before your moisturiser, this serum is cured for months in copper vats and infused with pure ghee and saffron to tackle dark spots and pigmentation.


The body care range promises that same ethereal glow, too. The Illuminating Silk Soap and Silkening Shower Wash will help purify and refresh your skin while gently polishing away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion underneath.


And finally, the Ultra-Rich Body Milk and Luminous Beauty Body Oil will work on the deepest layers of your skin to lock in moisture all day long. They also promise to deliver a rich, golden sheen, making you look and feel like the goddess you truly are.