Blueberry Milk Is Summer's Hottest Shade


Blueberry Milk Is Summer's Hottest Shade

It’s time to match your nails to your watch


In 2023, there may have been a secret hot-girl conference where milk bath manis were picked as the go-to nail-do. Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie Grainge, Ariana Grande and Alia Bhatt were all present and have sported the trend – either on its own or mixed with chocolate, strawberry and banana tones 

In summer 2024, milky nails get a blueberry update. The latest flavour in the mix is different from a flat pastel blueit’s creamier. Thinly layered over a white or grey base, it’s the exact baby blue hue that #CoquetteCore dreams are made of.

Mani Match 

Meanwhile, blue dials have become to watches what denim is to fashion – a mainstay. It’s evident when you see the new pieces at Watches & Wonder 2024, the biggest watch event of the year, recently concluded in Switzerland. 

So as the beauty and watch stars align, it’s time to match your manicure to your timepiece. 

Get The Look

  1. Pick your base. One layer of milky white will give you the perfect shade. If you prefer a quiet luxury flex, pick soft grey.
  2. Now get creative. Have fun while choosing shades of blue glitter polishes, metallic, confetti-infused. The options are endless. Instead of layering them, you can even mix the two shades together before applying.
  3. Make the trend your own with layered waves, rhinestones or a blueberry milk French tip.
  4. Finish with a glossy or matte topcoat, and your nails are summer-ready.
  5. Now, match your nails to your watch for an on-trend look. See our curation below to find everything you need for the season’s hottest mani.


Words by Riya Shah