Double Duty: Illuminating Moisturisers Are The Ultimate Skincare Must-have

By Khanak Mehta  


Did you know that your skincare products can do more than just give you your best skin ever? If you’re someone who loves the clean girl trend or are veering more towards a minimalist approach for your beauty routine, illuminating moisturisers are about to become your new beauty BFF. Here’s why. 


Hydration station 

Illuminating moisturisers tend to have creamier textures, making them ideal to deliver a mega dose of hydration to your skin. Pair them with your favourite hyaluronic acid serum and get ready to wake up with plump, moisturised skin. We’re making good skin days an everyday thing with this beauty multi-tasker. 


Prime time 

Your favourite illuminating moisturiser can double up as a primer in a pinch. Not only does it prep your skin for makeup by giving it lots of hydration, but also makes it look smoother and plumper. The result? Your makeup goes on *so* much easier! Plus, it also delivers a more radiant finish to your skin, making it perfect for those no-makeup makeup days when you really want your skin to shine through. 


Strobe lights 

No highlighter? No problem! Just tap on an illuminating moisturiser onto the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your chin. Then, layer a light foundation or skin tint on top, and you’ll get that lit-from-within glow that we all know and love. This also gives you the most subtle highlight that picks up with just the right light, making it great for office or college days. 


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