Everything You’ll Need For The Best Brows & Lashes


Everything You’ll Need For The Best Brows & Lashes

Channel your inner Lily Collins with our selection of mascaras, serums, powders, gels, and more 

Pencil-thin, soap, feathered — eyebrow trends may rise and fall in popularity, but most brow-care regimens follow the same pattern. Start by defining the desired shape, fill them in, and ultimately seal it with serum or gel. Next: The eyelashes. While they’re rarely affected by trend cycles, taking care of them is similar in many ways: shape with a curler, define with makeup and throw in a serum for some extra nourishment. So easy.  

From long-lasting eye pencils to a mascara that’s like an eyelash-extension in a bottle — these products are perfect for rushed mornings or quick, five-minute routines. 


Words by Adarsh Soni