We Sniffed Out 5 Men’s Fragrances You’re Probably Going To Want For Yourself


We Sniffed Out 5 Men’s Fragrances You’re Probably Going To Want For Yourself

By Khanak Mehta 


Walk into the fragrance aisle in any store – or log onto an online shopping platform – and you’ll see very clear demarcations. Every scent is divided by fragrance family; occasion; type; and even gender; too. Thanks to this; you may often stick to the women’s section when finding your next scent; but the reality is that all fragrances are actually unisex. 

Sure; thanks to marketing and certain gender-based associations related to scents; a lot of us have come to the conclusion that woody; rugged fragrances are for men and more delicate; floral scents are for women. But; at the end of the day; it’s all about what you personally like. In fact; most women today have at least one bottle in their fragrance wardrobe that is usually marketed toward men. 

Here are some of our editor-favourite picks to help you expand your scent horizons. Take a look!


If you’re stepping into the world of men’s fragrances for the first time and want a lighter option to begin with; try this eau de toilette from United Colors of Benetton. Since EDTs have a concentration of about 5-15% of perfume oils; they have lighter wear and don’t last as long as parfums. The floral composition is also not too different from the notes you’re already familiar with; so it’s a great way to ease into trying men’s fragrances.


Gourmand fragrances are rich; yummy scents that are well-liked by both genders. This minimal blend of incense; Provence honey; and Indian Ocean pink pepper by Chopard is the perfect blend of smokey; sweet; and spicy; making it a unique pick to add on to your fragrance wardrobe.


Zesty scents are energising and perfect to wear during the day – or whenever you need a burst of energy; really. This composition from Lalique has citrus notes like lemon and bergamot mixed with warmer accords like amber and musk to add depth. Equal parts fresh and sensual; this is a scent we’re sure you’ll love.


‘Sail’ by Nautica probably holds the title for being one of the top men’s fragrances of all time – and for good reason; too. The crisp notes like cut apple along with marine-influenced ones like blue cypress and even a note inspired by a sailcloth make for a fresh; aquatic fragrance that’s a crowd favourite. We suggest adding this to your collection for whenever you want to mentally transport yourself to the beach.


The fragrances by ‘Police’ are some of the most popular choices for men; and the Shock-In-Scent in particular; is a must-have for many. This blend of energising yet spicy notes like lemon; grapefruit; and peppermint; grounded with more woody ones like sandalwood and tonka beans makes for a sensual yet striking combination. There’s a good chance that if you have a man in your life; this scent sits in their bathroom cabinet. Go ahead and borrow it – we bet that you won’t stop reaching for it anytime soon.