Get An Expert’s Opinion On Beauty Bars


Get An Expert’s Opinion On Beauty Bars

By Anupriya Jamuar


We’ve always been told to not use soap on our faces as their high pH can make our skin dry. But with people getting more conscious about environmental issues, like plastic waste and water conservation, there has been a rise in ‘low-waste products’ like beauty bars.


Revisiting this technique does raise quite a few questions. Are they gentle for the skin? How are they made? What’s the best way to store them? and many more.


To settle the debate once and for all, we asked Dr Renuka Thergaonkar, the Director of R&D Global Consultants who has rich experience in product development.


Q. Are beauty bars harsh on the skin? 

“No, they’re like any other skincare product. In fact, they help in giving a light massage to the skin which is required to keep the skin soft and elastic,” clarifies Dr Renuka.


Q. Are beauty bars like normal soaps?  

“They’re available in the market for various purposes right from cleansing, nourishing, moisturising and skin rejuvenating. The cleansing bars can be used twice a day,” says Dr Renuka. “They are not (regular) soaps but a gentle cleansing product designed keeping in mind the pH, desired exfoliation, and sensitivity of the skin.”


Q. Do beauty bars meet your skincare needs? 

“Yes, beauty bars serve the needs and requirements of our skin well. In fact, it has the additional property of increasing the blood circulation on the face. When we rub the bar on the face, it provides some pressure leading to increased blood circulation,” explains Dr Renuka

“The efficacy of the ingredients is seen better in the bars as well because the increased blood circulation leads to better absorption of the active ingredients in the skin,” she says.


Q. How are skincare ingredients formulated into a bar? 

Since usually, we see these ingredients in a serum-based or cream-based formula, it is understandable to wonder how they’re formulated into a solid bar. The main ingredient responsible for this is water.


“Water is involved in all stages of the formulation making a product solid or liquid. But today since people have recognised the importance of effectively managing this precious (but limited) resource, the demand for waterless products is in vogue,” explains Dr Renuka. 

“Hence beauty bars came into existence. Generally, the raw materials are mixed in a proper ratio to achieve the right bar consistency and allowed to be set in moulds. These formulations are designed without using water,” says Dr Renuka.


How to store your beauty bar and keep it clean? 

When you constantly touch and apply the bar to your face, the chances of germs transferring from your skin to the bar increase. Even though the bars are formulated to resist this, it is always better to take certain precautions while using the product to maintain its efficiency. Here are some tips Dr Renuka suggests you follow to keep your skincare bar clean. 

  • Store your beauty bars in a cool, dry place with the lid closed. 
  • Always apply the bar after wiping your face with a tissue
  • After use, wipe off the surface of your skincare bar with a tissue paper moistened with a little bit of liquid sanitiser or makeup remover, let it dry for a minute and close the lid properly.
  • If you’re using multiple beauty bars, then wipe and pat your face dry after each one before you apply the next.