Welcome to Ruby by Palette


Welcome to Ruby by Palette

A note from our editor, Nonita Kalra



What a wonderful summer to be in love. With beauty.  

The season holds the promise of romance. Of opportunity and creativity. But most of all, a confirmation of individuality.  


From jellyfish skin that is so incandescent to blue, blue eyeshadow that brings back the best of the 1990s. As trends evolve so do the opportunities to experiment. To elevate. Pat McGrath’s porcelain perfection for Maison Margiela still plays back in my mind, over and over again. Ensuring that I stay in love with the personalisation of an idea.  


Take a look at espresso makeup. While anything that has a coffee fix heads right to the top of my list, what is really interesting is the number of ways you can elevate the standard to the particular. On your eyes, lips, or even cheekbones, there are an infinite number of ways you can get your caffeine fix.  


On a more serious note though, beauty always has an element of wellness. And nothing speaks that better than the trend of skinification. It’s bringing a more holistic, personalised approach to hair care, bath care and makeup. And sealing that protection beautifully is sunblock. Our SPF store is all about intelligently embracing the sun.   


What does RUBY stand for? A constant reminder to take time out for yourself. Which is why we love to talk to you about fragrance. From the terms that makers use to the history of perfume through the length and breadth of India, fragrance is the keeper of memory and imagination. Which is why I have my favourite term for summer: Sillage or the trail a scent leaves as you walk past someone. I hope we stay in your mind the same way.