Tap Into Your Inner Cool Girl With These Unique Eyeliner Styles


Tap Into Your Inner Cool Girl With These Unique Eyeliner Styles

By Khanak Mehta 

Raise your hand if you love classic eyeliner styles like a cat-eye. While this eyeliner style has managed to find a permanent spot in our makeup routines since... well, the 60s, sometimes we all feel like switching it up. A few scrolls on your social media feed, and there’s a lot of inspo that will catch your eye – from runway-ready graphic eyeliner styles to impactful yet simple eyeliner designs like a pop of colour with a neon flick.


Well, there’s no time quite like the present to consider switching up your look and experimenting a little. From coloured eyeliner styles to the siren eyeliner look, here are some of the top and latest eyeliner styles that will be taking over in 2023. Just go ahead and wing it! 

Natural eyeliner look

Refreshing your go-to makeup look goes both ways – if you’re a fan of big, winged eyeliner styles a la Amy Winehouse, why not pull back and try more natural and simple eyeliner styles instead?


To get this eyeliner design right, the key is to choose a product with an ultra-fine brush for application. Just work with a single stroke across your eyelid, staying close to your lash line. For a more impactful finish, tightline your upper lash line with a kajal. This will help avoid any gaps in the eyeliner design.


This is also perfect for the clean girl look if you want to add a little something to your eyes as well instead of just mascara.


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Winged eyeliner look

Truly a classic for a reason, a winged eyeliner is one eyeliner style which is quite unexpectedly versatile. You can go the usual route by simply doing a wing eyeliner design and filling it in or add your own twist.


This can mean *finally* picking up that pop eyeliner shade you’ve been meaning to try, or just doing the outline of your wing and leaving it blank inside for a more editorial look. You can also turn up the drama by extending your eyeliner into the inner corners of your eyes for a more defined look. In fact, the possibilities are quite literally endless!


We know that winged eyeliner can be a little tough to get right, especially when you’re just starting out with it. Remember to work backwards by starting with the outline and then filling it in for a more precise shape.


Coloured eyeliner look

Get ready to colour yourself happy by switching out your usual black eyeliner for a different eyeliner style instead. Adding a pop of vibrancy to your eyeliner can be done in many ways.


You can place the colour in a gradient with your black eyeliner, working outwards from the inner corners of your eyes. You can even draw inspiration from the runways and place the colour under your lower lash line to create an underline. Don’t be afraid to mix two different eyeliner styles and experiment with a new look – for example, doing a double graphic wing with your coloured eyeliner.


PS: If you’re looking for eyeliner styles for Indian eyes, this one should definitely be at the top of your list. By choosing colours like blue and green, you can bring out the brown in your eyes. 


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Smokey eyeliner look

Want to look like a total smoke show? You landed at the right place. While this eyeliner style may seem tricky to achieve, it is actually relatively simpler compared to the others. Wondering why?


While the other types of eyeliner styles listed here require you to battle with liquid eyeliner, this one can be achieved with just your eyeshadow. Mind blown? We get it.


Just pick up a deep brown or dark black eyeshadow on an angled eyeshadow brush and start depositing the colour along your upper lash line. Angle it upwards along the outer corner of your eye and place the colour to create a wing. Then, all you need to do is blend, blend, blend with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Work in short, upward strokes for that sultry, Smokey look, and build up the pigment depending on the kind of impact you want. Simple as that!


Metallic eyeliner look

Ready to put the pedal to the metal? Metallic eyeliner designs are exactly what you need to try. There are two ways you can go about this.


One, invest in a metallic eyeliner formula and start playing around with graphic styles. From a floating eyeliner to double-stacked eyeliner, you can channel exactly what you’re feeling that day.


Two, pair your favourite metallic eyeshadow with a setting spray and apply it as your eyeliner. This will help give the eyeshadow something to adhere to and make the pigment more vibrant as well.


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Siren eyeliner look

You know that smouldering, Smokey eye look taking over your social media feed lately? That eyeliner style is called siren eyes, which is the not-so-innocent counterpart to doe eyes.


Similar to the Smokey eyeliner look, it's best to skip the liquid eyeliner here and use a jet-black eyeshadow instead. Instead of simply winging it out on the upper lid, apply it along your lower lash line as well and connect the outer corners together. The idea is to define your eyes and smoke it out all around.


Don’t forget to add lots and lots of mascara to complete the look.


How to ace your eyeliner styles, step-by-step 

  • When it comes to trying out different eyeliner styles, remember that there’s a fair bit of room for error. Go slow and take your time.
  • Choose an eyeliner formula that isn’t runny and has a good staying power. Pen-style eyeliners are great for beginners.
  • Work with short, quick strokes instead of longer ones to avoid mistakes.
  • Start by creating an outline first instead of directly filling in your eyeliner design.
  • Let your first layer of eyeliner dry before going over it again.

Get that eye-conic look

Now that you’ve got an easy, starter guide to levelling up your eye looks, pick up your eyeliner and get ready to experiment. Always remember that at the end of the day, makeup is supposed to be fun. So, don’t be afraid to try different colours and eyeliner styles to figure out what you like the most! 



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Eyeliner styles 101 

Q. Which eyeliner styles are the best for me? 

A: This depends on your eye shape. The easiest and quickest way to know what works for you is to try different eyeliner styles and observe what you like the best. 

Q. What are some of the latest eyeliner styles and trends? 

A: Graphic eyeliners and siren eyes are amongst the top trends for 2023. Graphic eyeliner designs in particular are very versatile and there’s a lot of room to play around with them. 

Q: What eyeliner colour should I choose? 


A: If you want to bring out the colour of your brown eyes, choose a blue or a green shade. If you want more impact, choose a jet-black hue. And if you want a natural look, stick to a brown.