The Definitive Guide To The Best Haircuts For Long Hair


The Definitive Guide To The Best Haircuts For Long Hair

By Khanak Mehta 

If you have long hair, the list of options that you have for a haircut can be quite... lengthy. After all, long hair is extremely versatile, and if you love experimenting with your look, it’s the perfect length to have. But, since there are so many options out there, it can be tricky to figure out the right haircuts for long hair. Too many short layers and you’re going to be dealing with lots of baby hair every time you style them in a braid. A blunt cut and you’re going to be majorly compromising on the volume.


Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top hairstyles for long hair that will give you equal parts style and versatility. 


Haircuts for long hair: Know your face shape


First things first, before we move to the best haircuts for long hair, you need to get your basics right. Case in point: Know your face shape, and what long hair cut style will work best for it.  

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck. Most haircuts for long hair will suit you! Lots of volume will suit your face shape and soften the lower part of your face as well, so try playing around with curls and waves when you style your hair.


If you have a square-shaped face, pick a long hair cut style that will help soften your features. Long and airy layers paired with side swept bangs will help round out your face and draw more attention to your cheekbones, too.


Got a heart-shaped face? One of the best haircuts for long hair that will suit you as well is a face-framing layer cut. Oh, and try a centre-part and consider bangs we know it’s a big commitment, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to flatter your face shape.


And finally, if you have a round face, narrow the width of your cheeks and jaw with a face-framing layer cut for long hair that will slim it out. Make sure that your layers start around your jawline and steer clear of single length cuts. 


Haircuts for long hair: Layered cut

Want to give your blunt cut a total makeover? Layers are exactly what you need. With a mix of shorter and longer lengths mixed into your cut, this long hair cut style gives you a lot of room to play around with different looks. Plus, this suits pretty much all hair types, from straight to wavy to curly, so we’re certain that these cuts will suit you

Haircuts for long hair: Wavy ends
Wavy hair, don’t care. We know you agree with us, so definitely give this long hair cut style a shot. If you have wavy or slightly curly hair, this hairstyle for long hair will definitely suit youjust ask your stylist to create lots of volume with a focus on shorter layers and curl the ends outwards, in opposing directions.

Haircuts for long hair: Front layers 
If you have an angular face – like a square or diamond-shaped one – then front layers will soften your look. Depending on your face shape, you can ask your stylist to start cutting near your cheekbones or your jaw. You can also bring out your inner Farrah Fawcett and curl them outwards for a more voluminous look.

Haircuts for long hair: Bangs 
Ah, bangs. Even though these have a bad reputation for often being a mistake in the world of haircuts, the truth is far from it. Done well, they can help reduce the look of a larger forehead, and if you have a slightly longer, sweeping cut, it can help show off your face and draw more attention to it.

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Haircuts for long hair: The list goes on!

We meant it when we said that the options for hairstyles for long hair are pretty much endless. So, while these were some of the top, crowd-favourite styles, there are a few more that made it to our list as well.

  1. Flipped layers: Fine hair? Craving lots of volume? Flip it into a voluminous, thick look for your hair – quite literally. Flipped layers are a more extreme style of layers that will transform your hair in no time.
  2. Long layers: If you are blessed with thick hair, we know that the wrong haircut can take your look from princess-inspired hair to a mushroom real quick. So, stick to longer layers instead of shorter ones to keep the volume near the ends.
  3. Long shag: If you’re majorly inspired by the70s and its music scene, you’ve landed on the right spot. Channel your inner rockstar with a long shag. While it may look like lots of work, the maintenance is actually super easy. Just make sure to not thin out the ends of your hair too much to avoid flyaways and split ends.
  4. Short and long: Love putting your hair up in a topknot? It’s time to go short in the front, and long in the back. Inspired by retro fashion, this long hair cut style is ultra-chic and looks good when your hair is both up and down.
  5. Asymmetrical cut: Bring out your inner drama queen with an asymmetrical cut. Guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, this style is a major statement. It works well for almost every face shape and draws all the attention to your face.
  6. Step cut: For this style, the hair in the front is trimmed in light layers, while the back is almost all the same length. Best for round face shapes, it helps give an elongated look to your face.

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Hair we go! 

Ready for your next haircut appointment? This list of haircuts for women with long hair is your ultimate guide to walking out of the salon with a look you’ll love. Don’t forget to carry some reference pictures to show to your stylist, and prep for the aftercare by scrolling down and shopping our top picks to keep your hair healthy and happy. 


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Haircuts for long hair 101 

Q. I have super thin hair. Which long haircut style is best for me? 

Soft layers are your best pick. Go for flipped layers to add more volume as well. 

Q. I want a slimmer look for my face. Should I keep my hair long or short? 

Long hair instantly helps slim the face. That’s not to say that a short haircut won’t suit you, but keeping your hair long is one of the easiest ways to alter your look. 

Q. Should I keep a side or middle part?

This depends on your face shape and personal preference. Side parts tend to suit most face shapes though, so we suggest starting out with that.