The Very Best Lip Balms For You


The Very Best Lip Balms For You

By Shammi Mondal 


Lip balms despite having a winter connotation to them are a year-round necessity and we’re pretty sure you have a tube of lip balm in your bag right now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re beauty obsessed or are a minimalist, a lip balm (*cough* several) has a spot in your kit. There is a different moisturising balm for every mood; switch between, flavours, shades and formulations, and if you’re on a high-speed hunt for the best lip balm for your chapped lips, here is our roadmap that will guide you.  


What is a lip balm? 

We know you went *obviously, I know*, but before you pick the best lip balm for your needs, it’s important you know everything about your best beauty ally. A lip balm is made up of moisturising substances designed to soothe and protect the delicate skin on your lips. Typically, it's made from a mixture of waxes, oils, and other nourishing emollients that help to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. 


Unlike moisturisers, wax is a key ingredient in lip balms, since your lips don’t have any pores or sweat glands, they are unable to produce any natural moisture, which is why a lip balm is primal as the waxy balm seals in the hydration for hours. Beeswax, lanolin and kinds of paraffin are popular waxes that are commonly used in balms for keeping your lips nourished all day long. 


Benefits of lip balms 

Since your lips don’t have any sebaceous (oil-producing) glands they show the first signs of dehydration and dryness in your body. Your lips often rely upon external moisture, and a lip balm plays the lead role in keeping them hydrated and nourished. While a lip balm is best used in winter, it’s also quite handy to apply through the year—like after your evening coffee break.

  1. Moisturising: If dry, chapped lips are the bane of your existence and you’re constantly picking at your lips, a lip balm will act as a shield. It protects your lips from moisture loss caused by dry air-conditioning air, and cold weather, while also locking in moisture to keep them soft, plump, and hydrated.
  2. Priming: Love a matte lip look but dread the chapped feeling that follows a few hours later A lip balm is the best cheat trick to keep your lips feeling comfortable under the matte layer of lipstick. Your lip balm creates a smooth and hydrated canvas for the lipstick to glide on and stay put for a longer.
  3. Healing: For some, dry lips take longer to heal. Here, lip balms act as an occlusive that cocoon your lips in a thick layer of moisture that last for hours, reduce loss of moisture and allows your skin to heal.
  4. Shine boosting: There's something about a glossy tinted lip balm that just screams glamorous. Thanks to glossy lip balms that effortlessly combine the glass-like finish of a gloss and the nourishment of the balms. These lip balms have a super hydrating formula that keeps your lips feeling soft all day long.

Now that you’ve figured out why lip balms are hailed as a necessity, check out our top picks of the best lip balms that cater to your needs.  


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Best everyday lip balm 

Let's be honest, we can't live without our everyday lip balms. They're like the Swiss Army knife of beauty—offering a quick fix when needed. Take a peak into a makeup artist’s kit and you’ll always find several tubes and tins of balm that moisturise lips, and when patted on the cheekbone, provide a hint of dewiness.

We would suggest you pick a balm that has nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax, as well as SPF. A retractable tube is the easiest to carry around in your bag.

Best budget lip balm 

You don’t have a spend a lot on a lip balm to get the best impact. Get more bang for your buck with drugstore brands that boast of hydrating formula. We suggest you look out for ultra-rich formulations that are infused with ceramides castor oil and essential fatty acids for best results. Did we mention they’re non-sticky as well?

Best tinted lip balm 

Looking for some colour while hydrating your lips? These tinted lip balms will do the job simply fine. Rich in natural pigments and nourishing emollients like cocoa butter and flax seed oil, the lip balms have the perfect balance of colour, shine and moisture all-in-one. For a day when a lipstick feels too much, these tinted balms will come in handy.

Best intensive care lip balms 

When things get a bit dry or cracked, a simple balm won’t cut it, put your trust on lip masks. Lip masks are usually thicker, more concentrated formulas that are meant to be applied at night. They contain a higher concentration of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides and are designed to deeply moisturize and repair the lips while you sleep. These masks will help lock in moisture and prevent any water loss overnight, leaving you with soft, supple lips come morning.


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Q. What is the best lip balm for dry lips? 

A. For your dry lip choose lip balms with a thicker consistency infused with rich ingredients like shea butter, fatty acids, lanolin and olive oil. 


Q. Is it okay to use lip balms every day? 

A. Yes, since lip balms are made with emollients and moisturising ingredients, they are safe for regular use.  


Q. Which is the best lip balm for summer? 

A. During summer it is advisable to look for moisturising lip balms that have an added SPF property, this will not only moisturise your lips but also shield your lips from sun damage.