10 Must-Try Dry Shampoos For Your Greasy Hair


10 Must-Try Dry Shampoos For Your Greasy Hair

10 Must-Try Dry Shampoos For Your Greasy Hair

By Anupriya Jamuar


Some days you just don’t have the time, or the energy to wash your hair—we get it. Whatever the reason, dry shampoos have turned out to be the holy grail of unwashed hair in recent years.


They are easy to use and provide a quick remedy for greasy hair, which comes in handy when you've got a last-minute party on your calendar. So, in case you’re on the hunt to find the right dry shampoo for your hair, we decided to make things a little easier. Here are the 10 must-try dry shampoos that will fix your greasy hair quickly.


Our pro tip: Section your hair and spray it for even coverage. Let the shampoo settle for a few seconds before massaging it in and brushing your hair.


Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Plus Show-Stopping Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo

This tinted dry shampoo blends perfectly with brown hair, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed with added volume and texture. All you need is a couple of sprays and you’re done. What is even better is that it comes in a lot of different fragrances, so you can choose the one you love the most!


Innisfree Don't Worry No Sebum Dry shampoo 

On days when your hair seems dry and greasy, this Innisfree dry shampoo will freshen it in a flash, leaving it feeling not only clean but also nourished. It adds texture to your hair without leaving a residue and leaves it feeling light overall.


RENE FURTERER Naturia Dry shampoo 


With the oil-absorbing properties of rice, corn starch, clay, and silica powder, you can say goodbye to greasy hair between washes. This dry shampoo has a mild, refreshing aroma and is a cleansing blend of basil, peppermint, and caraway essential oils that fortifies the strength of your hair while making it look clean.


Wella Professionals EIMl Dry Shampoo 


This dry shampoo is popular among professionals since it is made of tapioca starch, which effectively absorbs sebum and oils, leaving your hair clean and non-greasy. It gives your hair a matte finish, which makes it easier to style and maintain.


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tone 


Applying sunscreen to your skin is important, but what about your hair? This first-ever UV protective dry shampoo is enriched with argan oil and made with ultra-fine, oil-absorbing rice starch to remove odours and build-up while shielding your hair from the sun's damaging rays.  You'll notice that there's no residue left behind after using this product because it dissipates quickly from your hair.


Colab Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh without White Residue 


This cotton and musk scented dry shampoo is ideal for those who prefer a clean aroma versus floral ones. It effectively absorbs any oils present in your hair, leaving your roots feeling light and clean.


Bare Necessities Mason & Co Dessert Dry Shampoo 


This aerosol-free, all-natural dry shampoo from Bare Necessities eliminates whatever sebum your hair is holding, making it look greasy, and is ideal for people who prefer an all-natural ingredient list. The brown powder complements darker hair tones and leaves your hair feeling clean.


OSMO Day To Styler Shampoo 


This styling shampoo is quite an innovative formula that absorbs oils and also makes your hair malleable enough to re-style. Ideal for when you’re attending a destination wedding.


Balmain Paris Hair Couture Dry Shampoo 


Create matte-textured, full-bodied, voluminous hairstyles fit to suit the runaway with Balmain Paris’ dry shampoo. Using a unique blend of argan oil and silk protein, the formula retains moisture from your hair while also protecting it from environmental extremities. The unique blend of scents in this dry shampoo will also refresh your senses.


Dove Fresh & Floral Dry Shampoo Spray Floral Scent 


A staple hair brand in every household, Dove’s dry shampoo leaves your hair looking clean and smelling light and floral within seconds, perfect for days when you’re too lazy to wash it. The formula effectively takes any excess sebum out and can be easily brushed out of your hair, leaving it bouncy and healthy.