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Trending | Skincare Essentials For Rosacea

We love a rosy glow on your skin, but rosacea? Not so much. There are many reasons for it like temperature change, dryness, sun exposure and harsh skincare. So, for your rosacea skin needs, we decided to build a skincare routine that will help combat the condition and stop it from getting worse. 💗 Use a gentle milk cleanser to wash your face without stripping it. The lactic acid present in it helps exfoliate your skin without being harsh 💗 You need to repair your skin barrier, boo. Use a skin repairing over-night serum to help strengthen your skin barrier 💗 Layer on a deeply hydrating moisturiser that will keep your skin plumped for long hours. 💗 And lastly, use a high-protection SPF 50+ every day without fail and don’t forget to reapply it every 2 hours while you’re out in the sun.