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Trending | Skincare Steps For Dry Skin

Its not a fun feeling when your skin starts to resemble the Sahara desert , especially in winters need some extra care and a deeply nourishing skincare routine to stay healthy, hydrated and glowing and that’s exactly we’re delivering here. 💧 Cleanse your face with a non-stripping creamy cleanser like the cult classic Cetaphil. If you have extreme dryness, then wash your face with water in the morning and use a cleanser only in your PM routine 💧 Pat some hydro-boosting essence to re-hydrate your skin 💧 Use a serum with humectants like hyaluronic acid to attract moisture back into your skin 💧 Lock all that hydration with deeply moisturising ceramide-rich cream 💧 Lastly, use a watery essence sunscreen that leaves a dewy finish