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Trending | Pre-Holi Prep


Did you know that a little planning can go a long way in making sure that you don’t end up spending five hours in the shower once you’re done playing Holi? Here’s a mini line-up of three easy tips that can help you protect your skin: ❤️ There’s probably nothing more annoying post-Holi than finding colour stuck on and under your nails. So, be sure to trim and file your nails before the festival – it's best to cut them short. ❤️ Apply a coat of polish to stop them from getting stained and invest in cuticle oil to not only moisturise but also protect your fingers. ❤️ If you’re RSVPing to a Holi party, do not forget the sunscreen. Since you’ll be out in the sun for hours, a sunscreen will not only help prevent damage to your skin from UV rays, but also form an additional protective barrier over your skin to avoid burning and stop the colours from staining. Be sure to pick a waterproof formula, too!