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Trending | Gorgeous Glowlights

Meet the newest hair colouring trend that we’re sure you’ll love – ‘glowlights’, also called ‘babylights’. Instead of a stark contrast to accentuate your facial features like traditional highlights, they instead just go a few shades lighter for a more subtle look. In addition, this helps to give your face a more youthful, luminous appearance, producing a fresh, lit-from-within feel ✨ With this technique, the key is to not add too much definition with a stark contrast—rather, your hairstylist needs to follow a gradient and enhance the areas that would naturally pick up the light. While the upkeep for this look is super simple and hassle-free, the longevity of the colour and your hair health will heavily depend on the kind of care that you give it. So, here are some of our top product recommendations for coloured hair so that you can get the most out of your investment ❤️