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Get The Look | Luscious Lashes

Raise your hand if your makeup look is incomplete without mascara! While a few swipes can usually do the trick and take your eye look from basic to va-va-voom, here are a few tricks to help elevate it: 👀 Wipe the excess product off from your mascara brush before applying it onto your lashes to prevent clumps 👀 Curl your lashes before applying mascara for a more wide-eyed, lifted look 👀 If you’ve got a few clumps after application, run through your lashes with a clean spoolie brush to comb them out 👀 For maximum impact, wiggle the mascara wand upwards from the roots of your lashes during application 👀 Tilt your mascara wand outwards to define your outer lashes and give them a cat-eyed look