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Trending πŸ›’ | Beauty Cart - Long-lasting scents

Tired of your perfume ghosting you around mid-day like your last tinder date? We understand the annoying feeling when you love a fragrance only for it to disappear off your skin. One of the main reasons for this could be dryness, the alcohol used in a lot of fragrances as a base ingredient, evaporates quickly off dry skin, hence the short lifespan of your fragrances. But this would easily be cured if you don’t skip on your body lotions as the more nourished your skin is, the longer the scent will remain on it. Another good tip is to add some body oil on your pulse points to help hold your perfume for longer and look for deeper base notes that soak into your skin. This way your perfumes won’t abandon you, and who cares about tinder matches anyway, right?