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Trending | Let’s Get Active With Lactic Acid

#LetsGetActive: Let’s switch from chemistry to history for this one - it is said that Cleopatra used to regularly bathe in sour milk to keep her skin looking youthful. While many would question this practice, we know that her beauty routine was just ahead of her time, and she was indulging in the exfoliating benefits of lactic acid. While glycolic acid may be the gold standard in AHAs, lactic acid is a milder active that is much more forgiving for dry and sensitive skin types – this also makes it perfect to use for exfoliating your body as well, just like the ancient Egyptian queen. It also speeds up cell turnover, which means that it’ll deliver a brighter complexion along with softer and smoother skin, too. If you’re a beginner in the world of chemical exfoliation, this acid is a great steppingstone to more potent actives. Pro tip: Lactic acid, like other exfoliants, can lead to sun sensitivity. It’s best to use this ingredient at night, or pair it with a sunscreen during the day.