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Trending | Matte Lipstick Fixes

It’s official: Matte lips are back. One layer is all you need for saturated colour, and most formulas – especially liquid ones – can last through a few meals and drinks with ease. However, along with this also come chapped lips and lots of creases that can emphasise the lines on your lips. To tackle this, all you need to do is follow these three golden rules: 💄 Always use a lip scrub before application to slough away any dead skin cells for smoother lips. Follow it up with a generous coat of your favourite lip balm, and then apply your lipstick on top. 💄 When applying lipstick, stick to short, single strokes over a particular area instead of multiple layers. This will help avoid build-up and won’t emphasise any lines on your lips. 💄 When touching it up, instead of layering more lipstick onto your pout, we suggest wiping off what’s remaining on your lips, and then starting with a fresh round of application. In fact, you can take this opportunity to apply another coat of lip balm underneath, too.