Kama AyurvedaThe Power of Bringadi

The Power of Bringadi


With just a few steps, this ritual will have your locks ready to take on the full week ahead! Here’s how you can do the Ayurvedic Hair Therapy at home: Step 1: Oil your hair with the Bringadi Thailam A multitasker Ayurvedic oil for hair loss, premature graying, dandruff that restores and nurtures damaged hair back to life. Step 2: Wash your hair with the Bringadi Hair Cleanser A nourishing, repairing, and volumising hair cleanser powered by the wonder herb, Bhringraj and a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs. Step 3: Lastly, complete the ritual with the Bringadi Hair Conditioner An Ayurveda-based formulation that improves hair texture, reduces frizz & flyaways and restores lost moisture.