Estee LauderBrightens dark circles in just 2 weeks

Brightens dark circles in just 2 weeks

Starting tonight, supercharge your eyes for a brighter, more wide-awake eye look. Dark circles look brighter in just 2 weeks. Lines and other initial signs of eye aging look reduced. Double Action: Fight the Visible Effects of Free Radical Damage. Blue light, including from devices, triggers skin-damaging free radicals. Our best eye cream has two powerful actions to fight the visible effects. Helps: 1. RESIST visible environmental irritation our exclusive FR-Defense™ technology. 2. NEUTRALIZE skin-damaging free radicals with 8-hour anti-oxidant power. Our potent next-generation formula, with Vitamin E, helps protect against free-radical damage all day. The fresh, lightweight, fast-absorbing Gel-Creme works night and day to help renew and improve the look of skin, with results you can see: Brightens with Multi Dark Circle Power: Formulated to target dark circles in all locations: under eye, upper eye, inner corner, outer corner and all around. Clinically tested and shown to target a blend of blue/purple and brown circles. Reduces the visible intensity of dark circles.