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Trending | Sleeping With Makeup On

This Diwali overcome the 10 sins of beauty. Some days its just hard to drag your feet into the bathroom and spend minutes trying to take your makeup off; especially when you’re tired and sleepy. Naturally, sleeping with your makeup still on sounds like the easier option. But that makeup traps dirt that can lead to breakouts, it prevents your skin from resting that leads to dry and rough skin and it can also affect your skin’s collagen levels which leads to premature ageing. So many reasons to take your makeup off before bed, and for this, we’ve found you the perfect, easy solution so you can crash into bed as quickly as possible. Use cleansing balms to melt-off all that bonded makeup off your skin so you can wash it off with a cleanser quickly. P.S - If some nights you just “can’t even” then we recommend keeping some micellar water and wipes by your bedside so you can lay down and still look after your skin’s health.