Lovechild by masabaSweet, Sweet Holidays! Eau De Parfum

Sweet, Sweet Holidays! Eau De Parfum

An interesting range of olfactory goodness from Masaba's roots; each fragrance is unique in itself. From a floral aroma from your grandma's verandah, to nautical notes from your last beach vacay, to Masaba's favourite coffee shop at Antigua, fragrances by LoveChild are absolutely worth a go! 3 scintillating fragrances for men & women: - Antiguan Decaf EDP: The scent unmistakably takes Masaba back to her roots, the island where there’s one beach for each day of the year. Antiguan Decaf is a cherished alchemy of coffee & caramel, for the modern woman. Spiritual, sensual, maternal, yet focused. Seated at her high rise work space, the fragrance reminds her of the cuppa’ joe she had at Darkwood Beach, Antigua. With top notes of orange, basil, and black pepper, the scent transverses into floral notes of rose, along with coffee and sage. Base notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, amber and caramel blend irresistibly. - Nani House EDP: As the name suggests, the fragrance is all about heritage and legacy. 4-year-old you, peeking through the jasmine bushes into your nani’s veranda while she hums her favourite melody, soaking in the aroma of the mogras that she lovingly cups in her hands. A typical weekend at Nani House. Opening notes of intense mogra, envelope middle notes of white jasmine and end with white musk - reminding you of the intense fragrance from nani’s gajra nestled atop her silver locks. - Island Suit EDP: Suave on all fronts, Island Suit is a memory of a lifetime. This nautical scent is for the man who’d dress dapper, any time of the day and night. Sipping on his scotch, walking in the sand, dressed in a checkered suit. Leisurely and confident. His heart comes alive at the sea. While the scent opens with tender notes of bergamot mandarin and grapefruit rose, the middle notes are intense with notes of jasmine, lavender and germanium, you can almost taste the sea salt with finishing notes of olibanum, vetiver, patchouli and moss.