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Trending | Skincare Steps To Minimise Pores

Enlarged pores are annoying and so stubborn to get rid of, or so you think but we’re here to tell you that there isn’t any skin problem you can’t solve with the right products. So, here is a skincare routine that will help you get rid of those annoying pores on your face. Enlarged pores can be due to them being clogged with dirt or excess sebum so you need to target these. ⭐ Use an exfoliation cleanser to help keep your pores clean ⭐ Pat on a salicylic acid toner to minimise the appearance of your pores. Salicylic acid penetrates deeper to get rid of any dead skin cells or debris stuck in your pores and reduces their appearance. ⭐ Apply a light-weight moisturiser that doesn’t clog your pores An extra tip: Using a clay mask once a week will keep your skin purified and your pores small ⭐ And lastly, use a broad-spectrum SPF as sun damage can also lead to enlarged pores