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Trending | Night-time Skincare For Your 40s

If you’re just entering your 40s, here’s some skincare advice from dermatologist and Palette Pro Dr. Jaishree Sharad you should definitely know. “We all age differently, and some of us may even see more pigmentation or adult acne for the first time. Building a night routine to address specific concerns will help you achieve your skin goals. For breakouts or adult acne on the chin and jawline, use beta hydroxy acids (BHA) on alternate nights. To address pigmentation, try a vitamin C serum that brightens skin. For skin that feels saggy, peptides, polyphenols and vitamin A will provide firming benefits. You can also introduce a retinol serum or cream twice a week as well,” advises Dr Sharad. Now that you’ve got the pro tips, do you want to know the best products for your new skin-vestments, too? Scroll below to shop our top picks.