ShonickaHow to create a wedding cocktail party look

How to create a wedding cocktail party look


You may have a beautiful couture to flaunt at the wedding cocktail party, but without an appealing makeup game, nothing seems complete. As a guest, you deserve to look fresh and awesome, and this video will surely be a great help to achieve it. Let’s get started! I’m using this underpainting trend wherein I’m applying Faces Canada Ultimepro HD Cover-Up Concealer in Sand Beige shade to keep my skin looking brighter. Along with this, I’m using a contour and Faces Canada Comfy Matte Crayon 06 On Fleek as a blush for a rosy effect on cheeks. Blend it properly to set the stage for a flawless makeup beat. Then, I’m using Faces Canada All Day Hydra 3 in 1 Matte Foundation in Absolute Ivory shade which comes with superior coverage and conceals spots and blemishes seamlessly. After this, I’m using Faces Canada Ultime Pro Mineral Loose Powder in Ivory Beige shade to give my skin a perfect luminous glow. As blush and highlighter add a subtle gleam and shine to the texture of our skin, I’m using Faces Canada Ultime Pro Face Palette and simply dabbing it to enhance my facial features. Now it’s time to beautify eyes, and I’m prepping eyelids with concealer and powder before I apply brown shade from the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Smoke out with a lighter shade and use a little bit of shimmer in the middle of the eyelid, and repeat the same for the bottom lids to add depth. As there is no eye makeup look without a jet black kajal, here I’m using Faces Canada Fresh Eyes Kajal that lasts longer and gives a soothing feel to your eyes. You really don’t need fake lashes to add drama to your eyes as I’ve found the right product that works wonders. I’m applying Faces Canada Magneteyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara that ensures volumised, bold lashes. Next in line is Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips Primer Tease which will leave your lips looking nothing less than perfect. Its creamy, smooth application will enrich your experience of using a lip crayon. To add unmatched shine and gleam to lips, I’m completing my look with an incredible product. Faces Canada Beyond Shine Lip Gloss in Baebe shade is a perfect one to make you smash your wedding cocktail party and look like a diva. Are you ready to turn heads? Buy these products and use them just like I did to catch the attention you simply deserve!