ShonickaCreate Bold Eyes Red Lips Look to Stand Out from the Crowd

Create Bold Eyes Red Lips Look to Stand Out from the Crowd


Do you want a makeup look that grabs all the attention and makes you stand out from the rest? With the ‘bold eyes and red lips look’, you can unleash your inner confidence like never before. Excited enough to learn how to do this in the right way? Let’s get cracking! I’m starting with my eyes and using Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Cover Up Concealer in Sand Beige shade to cover my eyelids. After this, I’m using the darkest brown shade from the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette. And, using a black shade on top of the waterline. Blend both shades perfectly. Use a highlighter shade to enhance my brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. Next, I’m applying Faces Canada Fresh Eyes Kajal on the lower eyelid, and adding a dramatic volume to lashes using Faces Canada Magneteyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara. Once the eyes are done, I will move on to creating a smooth canvas base using Faces Canada Vitamin Rich Primer. To cover blemishes and imperfections, I swear by this Faces Canada All Day Hydra 3 in 1 Matte Foundation. It’s easy to blend and makes your skin look flawless in seconds. Set it with Faces Canada Ultime Pro Mineral Loose Powder. It’s time for bronze, blush, and highlight. I’ve got everything under one roof in this product- Faces Canada Ultime Pro Face Palette. Complete this classic, chic look with Faces Canada Comfy Matte Pro Lip Color in Rubescent Red shade. Get ready to be the star of the evening! Try this look and you will surely make others swoon over you!