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Trending | Ultimate Skin Hydrators

No matter your skin type, hydration is an absolute essential. Yes, we're looking at you, oily-skinned beauties. If your skin isn't properly hydrated, your makeup won't sit well on top. No matter how glowy or lightweight your foundation is, there's a chance that it may cling to any dry patches or not blend as well. Now that's not a good look, especially for your wedding day. The solution? Introduce a hydrating serum into your skin care routine at least a month before the big day. We particularly love hyaluronic acid serums - they are the ultimate hydration heroes, but don't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Plus, they also deliver that plump, glowy look that every bride dreams of. Keep scrolling to know our top picks and remember - always follow it up with a moisturiser! #BeautyVows