Daily Life Forever52What's your personal favorite #forever52 concealer ?

What's your personal favorite #forever52 concealer ?


Specially crafted for your under-eye area, the 4-toned Concealer palette from Daily Life Forvever52 hides your dark circles. It is an oil-free formula that stays on for a long duration and makes your skin tone even, flawless and youthful. The unique and innovative 4-tones concealer is regarded as one of our best products Grab the perfect match from 5 different Concealer palettes, each with 4 variable shades, and get a flawless customized look in a super quick and easy way. This product is suitable for all skin types. This circle of concealers contains all you need to balance out any imperfection in your complexion. It's beauty's version of playing with paint, and your face is your coloring book!