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Trending | Post-Holi Care


Back from your Holi party? We know that your skin would probably sending out an SOS signal right around now – especially your nails and ears. After all, these two areas are some of the most notoriously tough places to remove Holi colours from, and for good reason. So, here are some of our top tips to help care for them: ❤️ The first thing to do after coming back from that Holi party is to step into the shower ASAP. This will give the colours less time to soak into your skin and stain it further. Remember to be gentle, though, especially with your ears. While exfoliating can help, you should keep in mind that you’re coming back from spending hours out in the sun and rubbing on your skin can make it irritated and cause rashes. ❤️ Moisturise your nails and ears. These areas are usually ignored in your body care routine, so making sure that you’re moisturising them regularly will help calm any irritation and help fade the stains over time, too. Use an oil-based formula for best results. ❤️ Wash your hands with a gentle soap and scrub the tips of your fingers. Apply a cuticle oil on and around your nails to help moisturise the area and avoid further staining.