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Trending | Skincare Steps For Combination Skin

Building a skincare routine for combination skin might seem tricky but we’re here to tell you its really not and here’s how you can nail your skincare game: ⭐ Use a skin clarifying face wash to get rid of any build-up that might clog your pores. Tea tree is a great ingredient for this. ⭐ Follow it up with an AHA-BHA toner that helps brighten your skin and exfoliate any dead skin cells ⭐ Use a skin smoothening serum with ingredients like cica and niacinamide to reduce any stubborn skin texture or oiliness ⭐ Layer on a hydrating moisturiser that is rich in skin plumping ingredients like ceramide and HA ⭐ Lastly, don’t forget to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a spf of 50+ to avoid any sun damage