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Trending | Let’s Get Active With Snail Mucin

#LetsGetActive: 🔔 Skincare school is in session – are you ready to (s)nail your hydration? Here’s the scoop on snail slime: Excreted from snails, this substance has been making appearances as the top ingredient in many skincare launches lately. It is said to contain hyaluronic acid, zinc, antioxidants, and many more such actives that aid in hydrating, plumping, and soothing your skin. Even though research on its effectiveness is still on-going, there are many anecdotal reports of this ingredient living up to its promises – so if you’re unsure about adding it to your routine, we suggest taking that leap! Pro tip: Snail mucus layers well with pretty much all skincare ingredients, especially actives like vitamin C and retinol.