koyalCTM routine | Must-have skincare products

CTM routine | Must-have skincare products


I’m loving this skincare set from Plum. It’s a complete range of effective products that are sure to make your skin glowing, hydrating, and fresh. First I have Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash. It contains green tea extracts that help minimize pores and deeply cleanse your face. It gives a brightening look that shines bright like a diamond. Next I’m using Plum Green Tea Toner that aids in clearing my pores and giving a hydrating look. To top it off, I’m applying Plum Green Tea Moisturizer. The green tea extracts which deeply hydrates the skin and helps with anti ageing properties. It is one of the best products I’ve used as it’s non oily, greasy, and suitable for all skin types! Having a CTM routine should be your top priority if you wish to have healthy, glowing, and hydrating skin! And this Green tea range of Plum is the best type in this category at affordable rates. Add thit kit to your cart now and ensure to follow a CTM routine!