PlumReady to shine like the star you are? ✨

Ready to shine like the star you are? ✨


"Ready to shine like the star you are? ✨ Our glowin’ skincare routine is the secret to a bright complexion that's sure to turn heads 😉 Step 1: Our Vitamin C face wash will wash away any dullness and leave you feeling refreshed and citrusy-fresh 🍊 Step 2: Follow up with our 15% Vitamin C serum to give your skin the nourishment it needs to make you glow ☀️ Step 3: Our Vitamin C moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and dewy all day long 💦 Step 4: Top it all off with our 2% Niacinamide & Rice Water Sunscreen to protect your skin from any harmful rays and keep it glowing all day long 🧴 Glow ahead, try our routine exclusively from and watch your skin beam with radiance. Trust us, it's worth the ""glow"" up! 😉 #Skincare #skincarejunkie #Skincarelndia #SkinGoals #VitaminC #GlowingSkin #Glowing #GoodSkin #Glow #GoodnessThatDelivers #PlumGoodness #SkincareLovers #SkincareTips #SkincareEssentials #skincareproducts #ShopNow"