ReneeRENEE Day & Night 2-In-1 Face Serum

RENEE Day & Night 2-In-1 Face Serum


RENEE SEIZE THE DAY SERUM: A FRESH NEW BEGINNING EVERY DAY We want your skin to be in its most active form every minute of every hour of every day. So, we bring you RENEE’s Seize the Day Face Serum, that is here to keep your skin rejuvenated, hydrated and dewy fresh all day long. It is enriched with the goodness of green tea, vitamin C and other natural extracts, that protect your skin from damaging substances including the harmful radiations from the sun. Give your skin the morning nourishment with our Seize the Day Face Serum and watch it emit radiance, every day! RENEE RULE THE NIGHT FACE SERUM: THE ONLY RULE FOR OVERNIGHT SKINCARE With RENEE’s Rule the Night Face Serum, your skin rests peacefully at the end of the day. It acts like a healing touch and makes your skin look radiant and healthy. Fully loaded with nutritious ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe vera leaf extracts, it improves the texture and elasticity of your skin while giving it an innate natural glow. It is also tailored to reduce dark spots and make your skin look younger. Choose this light textured moisturizing potion to indulge in some much-needed nighttime self-care and treat yourself to a calming me time.